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Kennedy Eye Clinic
To find out if you’re a candidate for Laser Eye Surgery, you first need to book in for a Comprehensive Eye Exam with an Optometrist. This eye exam will include dilation and will evaluate the health of your eye as well as your current spectacle prescription.

After that, you are scheduled in with Horizon Laser Vision Centre for an assessment to determine if you are eligible to obtain vision correction; prior to this assessment, if you wear contact lenses, you will need to discontinue wear for at least 2 weeks.

If you are deemed an eligible candidate for surgery, you will receive post-operative care from your Optometrist for one year following the procedure. For more detailed information, please visit Horizon Laser Vision Center’s website at

Some of the procedures that Horizon Laser Vision Center performs are:

iLASIK & PRK: both laser procedures to correct near sightedness, some far sightedness as well as astigmatism.
XTRA Procedure: corneal collagen cross-linking to strengthen the bonds of the cornea. The surgeon will determine if you should have this procedure or not.
KAMRA Corneal Inlay: to help reduce the dependence on reading glasses.

Horizon Laser Vision Centre 728 Spadina Crescent E Saskatoon, SK (306) 664-3937