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Myopia control refers to slowing down the rate of myopic progression (the amount of near sightedness) with the use of lifestyle changes, eye drops, or specialized glasses and/or contact lenses in children. We recommend starting myopia control before the age of 12, as results become limited after this age. High amounts of myopia are associated with a significant increased risk of developing eye problems like myopic macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal holes/tears/detachments. Some of the ways we can help slow down the rate of progression of myopia include:


  • The doctor can prescribe an eye drop that eliminates a trigger that reduces the amount of accommodation that the child is experiencing on a daily basis. Most insurance companies will cover provide coverage for this. 

  • Corneal Reshaping -  orthokeratology (OK) lenses are hard contact lenses that temporarily alter the shape of the cornea.

  • Glasses – some lens manufacturers have specific glasses to reduce the amount of “accommodative demand”.

  • Soft Contact Lenses – some soft contact lenses provide “retinal defocus” which is also a trigger in myopia progression and development.

  • Lifestyle Changes – there is a protective factor in exposure to outdoor lighting so we always recommend children to play outside as much as possible!


Please consult with your Optometrist to decide which option(s) is best suitable for your child.