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Cancellation Policy:

We operate with a 24-hour notice for all cancellations. No show and cancelled appointments (without enough notice) can pay a refundable $75.00 fee per person to book in again. This fee can be applied to their visit and/or refunded; however, if the patient fails to show up to their appointment again without 24 hours notice, the fee will not be refunded. With that being said, we know that stuff comes up and unexpected things happen, so just give us a call and we won't charge you the fee! 


Contact Lens Fit Policy:

You have 30 days from when we call you to book an appointment for a contact lens fit in order to finalize your contact lens prescription. If you fail to book this appointment after 30 days, we will be starting from scratch and you will be charged an additional contact lens fit fee.

Contact Lens Price Match Guarantee:

Thirty days from the time you order your contact lenses through us, we will price match all annual supplies (after rebate). 


Returns and Refunds:

At the Kennedy Eye Clinic, we have a satisfaction guarantee policy. You have 60 days after pick up to exchange your glasses. While we cannot issue a refund, we want to ensure you are happy and we promise we’ll find something that works for you! All frames and lenses have a one-to-two-year warranty depending on the manufacturer.  We can also exchange any unopened boxes of contact lenses as long as they were purchased here and they aren’t expired.

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